The Book Team

In order to walk our talk we collaborated on every aspect of this project, from the book proposal to licensing (Creative Commons) to distribution. We believe this process has and will continue to strengthen the sharing cities movement.

After assembling a team of twenty from around the world we worked together to decide the scope of the book and then develop a book proposal which included conducting 50 formal and informal interviews with stakeholders outside of the book team. After formalizing the scope of the project we then invited our community to submit case and policy suggestions and had 18 organizations directly contribute pieces. 

Shareable Staff

Neal Gorenflo

San Francisco, U.S.


Executive editor and contributor

Neal is the co-founder and executive director of Shareable who believes in the power of sharing.

Tom Llewellyn

San Francisco, U.S.


Project manager, editor, and contributor

Tom is the strategic partnerships director at, and a lifelong sharer, commoner, and storyteller.

Maira Sutton (former staff)

San Francisco, U.S.


Editor and contributor

Maira is a writer and organizer focused on the intersection of human rights and the commons, who works as the community engagement manager at Shareable.

Ambika Kandasamy

Boston, U.S.



Ambika is a journalist and digital strategist who works as the managing editor at Shareable.

Joslyn Beile

San Francisco, U.S.

Business manager and editor

Joslyn is the operations manager at Shareable, responsible for organizational initiatives to sustain Shareable’s mission.


Adrien Labaeye

Berlin, Germany


Land and Technology fellow

Adrien is a researcher in Berlin working on commoning at the intersection of urban and digital spaces.

Daniel Araya

Champaign, U.S.


Editing fellow

Daniel has a doctorate from the University of Illinois and is a researcher and government adviser.

Darren Sharp

Melbourne, Australia


Work and Waste fellow

Darren is the director of Social Surplus, a strategy consultancy that works with governments and communities to activate Sharing Cities. He is the Australian editor of Shareable and Melbourne coordinator of the Sharing Cities Network.

Emily Egginton Skeehan

Tokyo, Japan

Energy and Water fellow

Emily is a marine scientist working for the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology in Yokosuka, Japan.

Khushboo Balwani

Brussels, Belgium


Food and Work fellow

Khushboo is a designer and strategist working on how collaborative methodologies can solve social challenges in India and in Europe.

Kristen Hewitt

Northampton, U.S.


Production fellow

Kristen is a writer and editor living in western Massachusetts.

Leila Collins

New York, U.S.


Mobility and Finance fellow

Leila previously worked on the collaborative economy movement in Israel and the West Bank and currently works at a PropTech accelerator in New York City.

Marco Quaglia

Rome, Italy


Waste and Governance fellow

Marco is a former member of LabGov with experience in the NGO sector; he lives in Rome, Italy, where he currently works in management consulting.

Nikolas Kichler

Vienna, Austria

Housing and Water fellow

Nikolas works as a researcher at the Vienna University of Technology, exploring ways to widen opportunities for citizens to co-create their cities.

Ryan T. Conway

Bloomington, U.S.

Technology and Governance fellow

Ryan is a political economist and community organizer with a passion for the democratic self-organization and ethic of stewardship found frequently in the establishment and endurance of community commons.

Ryan Gourley

Ann Arbor, U.S.


Editing fellow

Ryan serves as director of the University of Michigan student venture accelerator, and is an educator and entrepreneur working to bring social innovations to life.

Sharon Ede

Adelaide, Australia


Housing and Mobility fellow

Sharon is an urbanist and activist who works to build the sharing and collaborative movement in Australia and beyond.

Simone Cicero

Rome, Italy


Collaboration fellow

Simone is a strategist and designer who has been exploring collaborative productions models for more than a decade. He is also the creator of the Platform Design Toolkit and OuiShare Connector.

Wolfgang Hoeschele

Heidelberg, Germany

Energy and Finance fellow

Wolfgang lives in Heidelberg, Germany, and focuses his efforts on developing strategies toward a truly sustainable economy – an “economy of abundance of life.”


Copy Editing and Proofreading:

Ellie Cabrejas Llewellyn

Book Layout and Design:

The Public Society

Cover Design:

Juni Xu and Laurissa Barnes-Roberts

Additional Contributors


Harry Knight (WikiHouse Foundation).


Anna Davies, Marion Weymes, and Oona Morrow (SHARECITY and Trinity College Dublin); Myriam Bouré (OuiShare and Open Food Network Community).


Juan Manuel Aranovich and Agustín Jais (Club Cultural Matienzo); John Duda (The Democracy Collaborative); Nathan Schneider (University of Colorado Boulder); Mayo Fuster Morell ( and Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society, at Harvard University).


Ana Marques (ICLEI) and Toni Pujol (Barcelona City Council); Elana Keef (Afri-Coast Engineers SA); John Farrell (Institute for Local Self-Reliance).


Cat Johnson (freelance journalist, Shareable); Anna Bergren Miller (freelance journalist, Shareable); 596 Acres; Rob Poll-van Dasselaar and Joris Goos (City of Rotterdam).


Ben Price (Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund); Heartie Look (Waterkeeper Alliance); Della Duncan (Upstream Podcast), Eric Rosewall (depave); Johannes Euler (Das Commons Institute); Michael O’Heaney (Story of Stuff).


Freifunk Münster group.


Matt Stannard and Marc Armstrong (Public Banking Institute).


Anna Bergren Miller (freelance journalist, Shareable); LabGov.


Bologna, Italy, workshop participants:

Michel Bauwens (P2P Foundation), Christian Iaione (LabGov), Silke Helfrich (Commons Strategies Group), David Bollier (Commons Strategies Group), Oriana Persico (Art is Open Source), Salvatore Iaconesi (Human Ecosystems Relazioni srl), Sheila Foster (Fordham University), Jay Walljasper (On the Commons), Paula Z. Segal (596 Acres), Amy Cahn (Public Interest Law Center), Cristina Zurbriggen (Universidad de la República), Aiichiro Mogi (Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University), Jeff Andreoni (journalist), and Claudio de Majo (researcher).

Shareable Advisory Board:

Laurie Schecter (Shift Foundation), Michael Stoll (SF Public Press), Tony Lai (, Julian Agyeman (Tufts University), and Catherine Homicki (Dartmouth College).

We would also like to thank the countless people who offered guidance and support along the way, including all of our partners, advisers, Sharing Cities Network organizers, and readers.

This project was made possible by a generous grant from the Shift Foundation, to whom we are incredibly grateful.

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