Sharing Cities: Reimagining the Waste Stream

Presented by Shareable Strategic Partnerships Director Tom Llewellyn.

The School of Global Environmental Sustainability Global Challenges Research Team "Clothing and Sustainability" invite the community and campus to a public lecture and interactive workshop.

Cities are beset with the most urgent challenges that societies face today including inequality, racism, social isolation, resource consumption, and climate change. Amidst this crisis lies tremendous opportunity for people to address these problems collectively. To meet challenges, communities, organizations, and local governments are increasingly turning to a basic human practice: sharing. By sharing their labor, knowledge, space, and goods, people are finding that they can overcome scarcity and experience private sufficiency and civic abundance by building and maintaining vital common resources. They are showing how sharing leads everyone to have more, together.

Attend one or both events: 
Public lecture: Activating the Urban Commons | 2-3pm
Interactive workshop: Reimagining the Waste Stream | 3:30-5:30pm

About the Speaker
Tom Llewellyn is the Strategic Partnerships Director at, and a lifelong sharer, commoner, and story teller. He’s an active consultant for community, municipal, and international initiatives, coordinates global sharing campaigns, has co-founded several community initiatives, and speaks internationally about real, equitable sharing. Tom is the co-editor of 2 books, "How to: Share, Save Money & Have Fun" (2016) and "Sharing Cities: Activating the Urban Commons" (2018).

About Shearable
Shareable is a nonprofit media outlet and action network that empowers people to share for a more resilient, equitable, and joyful world. They inspire social change by publishing stories, analysis, and tools in collaboration with their global partners.

Their work is based on the conviction that programs and policies that foster sharing, cooperation, and collaboration play a vital role in creating a sustainable and prosperous world for all.

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April 17, 2018 at 2pm - 6pm
CSU Lory Student Center North Ballroom Colorado State University
Fort Collins, CO 80523
United States
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