Sharing Cities - An Evening With Shareable's Neal Gorenlfo

We'd like invite you to an intimate discussion with Neal Gorenflo, executive director of Shareable on the evolution of the sharing economy, and his organization's new book "Sharing Cities: Activating the Urban Commons", which showcases over a hundred sharing-related case studies and model policies from more than 80 cities in 35 countries.

"Sharing Cities" chronicles a growing global movement in which communities, organizations, and local governments are increasingly responding to challenges by turning to a basic human practice: sharing. By sharing their labor, space, goods, and more, people can overcome scarcity by building and maintaining vital common resources. The book serves as a practical reference guide for community-based solutions to urgent challenges faced by cities everywhere. It is a call to action meant to inspire readers, raise awareness, and strengthen the sharing movement worldwide. "Sharing Cities" shows that not only is another world possible — but that much of it is already here.

About the Speaker:
Neal Gorenflo is the co-founder, chief editor, and executive director of Shareable, an award-winning nonprofit news outlet that has covered the latest innovations in resource sharing, the future of work, and cities for nearly a decade. He's a prolific speaker, author, and consultant on Shareable's coverage areas. As a leading sharing movement pioneer, he advises leaders around the world on how to meet their goals through sharing. This has included work with Seoul Metropolitan Government, the city of San Francisco, the Sharing Economy Association of Japan, and numerous enterprises. Not surprisingly, Neal is an avid sharer whose year of sharing life experiment was covered by FastCompany, Sunset, and 7x7 magazines. As a social entrepreneur, Neal's strategy for change is simple: let's share!

June 07, 2018 at 6pm - 8pm
308 W Hastings St
308 W Hastings St
Vancouver, BC V6B 1K6
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