Sharing Cities

Shareable was a key initiator of the sharing cities movement. In 2011, we organized ShareSF in San Francisco, California — the first event about sharing and cities. As the Sharing Cities movement unfolded around the globe, we continued to catalyze it through continuous in-depth news coverage, campaigns, and advising, particularly to policymakers and other leaders.

In 2013, Shareable published "Policies for Shareable Cities" — the first ever sharing cities policy guide — in collaboration with the Sustainable Economies Law Center. That same year, we launched the Sharing Cities Network to connect local sharing activists around the world for movement building.

Since then, dozens of cities have launched Sharing Cities programs. Most notable is the city government of Seoul, South Korea, which we've advised. Seoul has a model Sharing Cities program. We also advise other city governments, social enterprises, and research organizations to advance the movement. Please drop us a line at to inquire about our services.

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