Sharing Cities: Activating the Urban Commons

"Sharing Cities: Activating the Urban Commons" showcases over a hundred sharing-related case studies and model policies from more than 80 cities in 35 countries. It witnesses a growing global movement and serves as a practical reference guide for community-based solutions to urgent challenges faced by cities everywhere. This book is a call to action meant to inspire readers, raise awareness, and strengthen the sharing movement worldwide. "Sharing Cities" shows that not only is another world possible — but that much of it is already here.

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  • Thursday, October 18, 2018 at 06:00 PM
    Certible in Vienna, Austria

    What Can We Share? Anders über unsere Gemeingüter denken

    Wir produzieren mehr als genug. Gerecht verteilen ist leider nicht unsere Stärke. Erkenntnis ist der erste Schritt zur Besserung. Deswegen sollten wir uns zusammen setzen.

    • Was sind Gemeingüter? Und sind wir uns darüber einig, was Gemeingüter sind?
    • Gemeingüter Mindset – Woher kommt es? Kann man es fördern?
    • Warum Gemeingüter frugal behandelt werden müssen!

    Format: Diese Veranstaltung ist ein Gemeingut. Ist jemand daran interessiert, ein Impulsgespräch zu halten? Einfach bei uns melden!

    Eintritt: Im Sinne der Veranstaltung sollte jeder was mitbringen, was mit der Gruppe geteilt werden kann. Dazu gibt es keine Vorgaben :-) Was könnte die Gruppe brauchen? Wir koordinieren es im „Discussion Board“.

    Wir freuen uns auf euer Kommen!

    Ihr könnt gerne weitere TeilnehmerInnen einladen und mitbringen.


    We produce more than enough. Distributing fairly is unfortunately not our strength. How do we correct this? It's about time we get started!

    • What are the commons, and do we agree?
    • Commons Mindset - Where does it come from? Can you promote it?
    • Why the commons need to be treated frugally.

    Format: This event is also part of the commons. Is anyone interested in holding a presentation? Just let us know.

    Admission: In the spirit of the event, everyone should bring with them what can be shared with the group. There are no requirements :-) What could the group need? Just deposit your haves/wants in the discussion board.

    Bring your friends and family. We look forward to seeing you there

    Thanks for being there.


  • Monday, November 12, 2018 at 09:00 AM through November 16, 2018
    City of Barcelona in Barcelona, Spain

    Sharing Cities Summit: Barcelona

    Cities Summit Barcelona 2018 which will take place in Barcelona on 12 November 2018. This edition follows on from the Sharing City Summit held in 2017 in NYC, and the City2City Conference of Amsterdam in 2016. The event will gather together Mayors and Deputy Mayors from leading cities from around the world to discuss how the continuous growth of sharing economies affect the life and economic development of the cities, and what innovative measures can be taken to meet the challenges and opportunities we face, such as how to differentiate digital platforms which are not constructed on truly collaborative models. This year’s Summit will focus on boosting concrete commons outcomes and collaboration between cities.

    The Sharing Cities Summit Barcelona 2018 will take place the day before the start of the Smart City Expo World Congress (SCEWC), 13-15 November, which will include a dedicated space for the “Inclusive and Sharing Cities” topic, in both Congress and Exhibition Areas. With an attendance of over 700 cities, it will be a unique opportunity to reach out to other cities, spread a common message, and share the tangible outcomes of the Summit.

    The Summit’s programme, which is still in development, shall encompass discussions on creating a task force for collaborations among cities in the negotiations with large platforms, resources on policies for an inclusive sharing economy, creating an open data common repository and a guide of technological and knowledge policies, and a commons declaration by cities building upon the principles established in the 2017 Summit. Shortly, we will be sending you a survey asking you about your current city policy actions. The results of this survey will serve to map specific collaborations and interests which shall be included in the Sharing Cities Summit Barcelona 2018 programme.

    The Sharing Cities Summit Barcelona 2018 is a collaborative effort co-organised by the City Council of Barcelona and Open University of Catalonia (UOC Dimmons group), with the support of Amsterdam and New York and with the collaboration of BarCola members (Barcelona local sharing ecosystem) and international sharing actors such as Sharing Cities Alliance and Shareable.

    Confirmed participation of:
    Amsterdam, Milan, Montreal, New York, Paris & Toronto among other cities.


    Preliminary programme

    Monday, November 12th


    Full day Sharing Cities Summit, and public event


    Tuesday, November 13 – Thursday, November 15th

    “INCLUSIVE & SHARING CITIES” topic in both Congress and Exhibition Areas at SMART CITIES EXPO WORLD CONGRESS

    Tuesday, November 13

    Inclusive and Sharing Cities topic at SCEWC with dedicated spaces
    in both Congress and Exhibition Areas
    Dinner for mayors and vice-mayors hosted by Barcelona City Mayor Ada Colau

    Wednesday, November 14

    Inclusive and Sharing Cities topic at SCEWC with dedicated spaces
    in both Congress and Exhibition Areas.
    Optional site visits to meet Barcelona’s most exciting companies, organizations, and venues.

    Thursday, November 15th

    Inclusive and Sharing Cities topic at SCEWC with dedicated spaces
    in both Congress and Exhibition Areas.

    Check for up to date information.

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